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Posted: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 9:24 pm

What’s been happening in the world since the last issue of The Ionian?

1. Israeli and Egyptian government’s secret alliance

Israel and Egypt have been covertly working together to take down a militant group on the Sinai Peninsula in recent years, according to senior US officials. Israel sent unmarked drones and planes to attack the group inside Egypt’s borders. The alliance has been covered up because of the internal perception of Israel in Egypt as an enemy.

Over the past few years, the countries have been forced into an alliance because of outside threats, like ISIS, other militant groups and Iran.

Information from The New York Times and the Washington Post

2. Scientists use laser technology to discover hundreds of new structures in the Guatemalan jungle

Light Detection and Ranging, or LiDAR, mapped 800-square miles of land and found over 60,000 structures, including houses, temples, roads, houses and agricultural infrastructure. This discovery changed the landscape of how archeologists understand Mayan society, according to Thomas Garrison of National Geographic. The original estimate of the Mayan population at its height was a few million. The numbers now range from 10 million to 15 million, according to the Washington Post. The Post also reported that the information obtained by the LiDAR system could also be used to understand the environment of the jungle better. Archeologists will not use 92 percent of the data collected by the LiDAR system, but that data can be used to study the ecology of the jungle itself. The data can give forestry information like how the jungle recovers from fire.

Information from the New York Times, the Washington Post and National Geographic.

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